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Nova Roma: Originated from Spain. Not much else known. More info needed.

Orange Roma: These yellowish-orange plum/oval shaped roma's mature in 65 to 69 days, somewhat earlier than most other roma's. Holds up well in hot weather, produces 2 inch size fruits. Indeterminate.

Pink Roma: 6 oz. fruits (170 grams). Indeterminate, 75 days. Rare. More info needed.

Phil Tolli's Roma: Red, plum shape. Weighs 3.5 to 4.5 ounces (100 to 120 grams), with few seeds. Matures 75 to 80 days after transplanting. Indeterminate.

Plum Dandy Roma: Variety commonly grown in commercial farming operations in the United States. Provides good yields. VF resistant. Seeds not widely available in retail garden seed catalogs/providers.

Rio Grande Roma: For those who live in hot, humid Southern climates, the Rio Grande is a good choice. These strong and hearty plants produce an abundant supply of large, dry, 4 inch, pear shaped fruits. Determinate. 80 days. Reportedly better tasting and more productive than standard Roma's. See our 2010 Growing Journal for the Rio Grande Roma Tomato

Roma OG: The common, classic Roma, usually organic certified, open-pollinated, abundant producer of red, plum shaped 2 ounce fruits (57 grams) with thick flesh and yields of up to 200 tomatoes on one plant. Determinate, harvest 72-78 days after transplanting. Not a true heirloom, but close enough. Seeds can be reused.

Roma Gigante: Variety believed to have disappeared. Unknown whereabouts. Possible UFO abduction.

Roma Long: Open Pollinated, red, pear/cylindrical shape, 5 ounce average (142 grams), VF resistant, determinate, 76 days.

Roma Macero: Abundant producer of thick, large, tubular shaped solid red fruits. Hearty plants, resistant to VF and ASC. Determinate, 68 to 76 days, earlier than most other romas.

Roma Napoli: A smaller plant with good leaf cover, produces cylindrical elongated red fruit ending in a point that weighs 2 to 3 ounces (57 to 85 grams). Well suited for processing, sauces, ketchup, canning, or eating whole. Good resistance to disease. Determinate, 75 to 80 days.

Roma Paste: Small but delicious, red, oval shaped fruit from 1 to 1.3 ounces (35-40 grams). Famous variety, ideal for canning and sauces because of it's good flavor. Originated in Italy.


Roma Puree: Rare, difficult to find. More info needed.

Roma Rhoda: Originated in Tennesse, red oval shape, Determinate.

Roma Ukrainian: Originally from the Black Sea coastal city of Yalta, Ukraine. Red fruit, determinate, 75 to 80 days.

Roma VF: A very popular version of the roma sold in seed catalogs and nurseries throughout the USA. Open pollinated, bright red, meaty flesh, ideal for making sauces, ketchup and paste. Disease resistant and dependable grower of 3 inch fruits. Determinate, 76 days.

Romalina Hybrid: Red, Oval shaped fruit weighing 1.4 to 2.1 ounces (40 to 60 grams) and grows in clusters of 8 to 9 tomatoes. This variety is popular in large, industrial European farms.

Russia Big Roma: Harvest 80 to 85 days after transplanting. Large plant that grows over 5 feet tall.

Speckled Roman, Striped Roma: These beautiful and unique looking romas are a cross between an Antique Roman and Banana Legs. Larger in size, they average 3 inches by 5 inches and have the characteristic jagged orange and yellow stripes. Meaty, productive, few seeds, great taste, also good for processing. Indeterminate, 85 days.

Super Roma: Matures 70 to 80 days after transplanting. Bush tomato, growing just 18 inches tall. More info needed.

Sweet Orange Roma : Yellow-orange, oval, tube shaped fruit weighing 1.8 to 2.8 ounces (50 to 70 grams). 75 to 80 days. Indeterminate growth.

Viva Italia Roma Hybrid: These hybrid Roma's are VFFNA and Bacterial Speck resistant. Three ounce, deep red, oval/pear shaped fruits (85 grams). Determinate. 75 days.

Window Box Roma: These dwarf size plants are abundant produces of 2 ounce (57 grams) red pear shaped romas that are rich in flavor and have a long shelf life. Good for sauces, paste or salads. Their small size makes them ideal for pots and containers.

Yellow Roma: Fruit is yellow-orange in color, weighs 1.8 to 3.5 ounces (50 to 100 grams). Grows in clusters of 12 to 15 fruits, but low in productivity. Ideal for canning and sauces. Plant from 48 to 52 inches tall. Determinate, 70 to 80 days. Cross between a "Roma" and "Jubilee." Variety developed and established in 1990 by Luc Fichot, Belgium.


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